Julia Roberts’ Marriage Is Falling Apart Because of Affair with Javier Bardem

Julia Robert and Javier Bardem starred together in last year’s “Eat Pray Love” and, according to some reports, there may have been more between them than just a working relationship. In fact, her marriage is falling apart because of it.

Speculation on whether the two were more than just friends first emerged as they began promoting the film, with many seeing in Roberts’ friendly gestures a clear sign that they were having an affair.

This in itself wouldn’t be that bad, except that both are married. A new report in The National Enquirer (story via here) claims that Julia is now having some serious problems in her marriage because of rumors of an extra-marital affair.

The tab doesn’t say whether the two were ever involved romantically, but it does say that Roberts knows of the rumors making the rounds – as also does her husband, Danny Moder.

“Julia is reeling from the false rumors that she and Javier Bardem carried on a secret tryst. There’s talk around Hollywood that the reason Julia’s singing Javier’s praises so much is because they hooked up,” says a source.

She has every reason to worry, adds the spy, since her own husband is wondering whether there isn’t some truth to the rumors, even of Julia keeps denying them.

“I’m sure Danny can’t help wondering if where there’s smoke, there’s fire!” says the same source.

Admittedly, Julia and Danny have been having issues for a while, and this latest rounds of rumors is doing nothing in terms of helping them out with their marital problems.

“It also doesn’t help that Julia has taken the lead in publicly campaigning for a best actor Oscar nomination for Javier for his film Biutiful. She hosted a screening in early January for industry heavyweights and gushed about Javier in interviews,” the Enquirer writes.

“Behind closed doors, all is not well. The fire between Julia and Danny has seemed to have cooled. I think Javier came along and provided a fun distraction,” another spy chimes in.

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