Julia Roberts Honestly Thought She Was the Prettiest Actress in Hollywood

When she was younger, the actress would get upset when others were nominated best looking

They say that with age comes wisdom (and wrinkles but that's another discussion) and this also applies to celebrities, is seems. In her recent interview with InStyle Magazine, actress Julia Roberts makes some startling confessions, like the fact that, for many years, she considered herself to be the best-looking actress in Hollywood.

Granted, she's stolen our hearts in “Pretty Woman,” “Runaway Bride” and “Nottinghill” but many would argue that she was never the image of classic beauty. But in her head, there was no one out there who could best her at looking good.

Roberts begins by explaining that she's had a change of heart about her looks recently, “I think I’ve always sort of been on the more boyish spectrum of girls. For example, I’ve never been chosen as ‘one of the top-five hottest actresses in a bikini.”

Then she moves on to her point, which is to claim that she's grown used to that and now she actually prefers things in this way, “And honestly, it’s a godsend. When I was younger, I’d think, ‘Oh, I’m the prettiest one. It’s not Halle Berry. It’s not!’ But it is, you know?”

Now that her mind is no longer focused on being the fairest in the land, Roberts claims that she's changed her lifestyle to suit her new occupation, working “for the moms.” Roberts admits that “Even when I was 20, they were my demographic” and she gives them props for sticking be her side.

Naturally, the discussion then turns to the subject of being a famous mother and being able to juggle motherly duties with acting and fame. Oddly, Julia doesn't really want to discuss the matter, thus gracefully avoiding a very thorny issue that caused serious trouble for some other actresses who complained that they did more work than regular moms.

The “Pretty Woman” actress sticks to just explaining why she doesn't want to address the issue of balancing family and career, “Because, (a) I’m not nearly as busy as people think, (b) half of everything just doesn’t get done — as long as no one is in tears, nobody smells bad and everyone’s sleeping peacefully, I’ve done my job — and (c) I have a supportive group of girlfriends, a great husband and an understanding family.”

From the sound of things, Julia has a very healthy and down-to-earth outlook on the whole fame and family debacle and she manages to keep a level head where others have lost theirs to the glamorous side of Hollywood.

And just to prove that she's just like any other mother out there, Julia adds with a smile and a wink of the eye, “The rest gets done with grit, spit and a whole lot of duct tape.” Does that sound like your family?

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