Judge Orders Apple and Samsung to Drop Some of the Claims Bloomberg

The two have to narrow down their lawsuit to 25 claims

Samsung and Apple continue to fight over the right to sell their products around the world, and the highest-profile lawsuit has just moved a step forward.

Then again, one might say the case hasn't so much moved forward as modified in a way that will allow it to do so.

Judge Lucy Koh, with the court in San Jose, California, told Samsung and Apple to narrow down their claims to 25 patents each. They also must cut the number of accused products to, again, 25 (tablets and smartphones).

She told both parties that, after a whole year of fighting, they should know what claims are the strongest.

Overall, it isn't the total reset that Samsung hoped for, but at least it corrals Apple's wayward accusations as well. A fitting step forward in this drama, which we have chronicled here.

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