Judge Grants Ellen Page Protection from Online Stalker

Man who threatened to kill her is ordered to stay away

Ellen Page isn’t just an incredibly talented actress who never lets her personal life distract from her amazing work in front of the camera, she’s also a regular woman who fears for her security.

A judge has granted her protection from an online stalker who repeatedly threatened to kill her, TMZ has learned.

The actress, who has won over critics and audiences with a wide array of roles, was present in the courtroom for the hearing – and undoubtedly relieved to hear the ruling.

“Ellen Page just scored what might've been a lifesaving victory against an alleged stalker – who threatened to kill her online – because a judge has ordered the man to stay the hell away... or else,” TMZ reports.

“The LAPD launched an investigation last year into threats made against the actress via Twitter – threats like ‘I'm going to murder Ellen Page. She's dead.’ The investigation yielded one suspect – a man named Joshua Michael Myers,” the same media outlet says.

For the next 3 years, Myers is not allowed to contact Page in any way, either in person or online. If he does, he’s liable to do jail time.

Social media: as it turns out, not everybody is using it for innocent purposes.

“Matrix” star Laurence Fishburne is the latest celebrity to seek a restraining order against a stalker, after an unknown man showed up on his doorstep over the winter holidays to let him know that he was actually living in his home.

The man tried to evict the actor and his family, even writing him letters and calling him to let him know that he had only several days to comply.

Ultimately, the star went to court and got a restraining order against the stalker, who is not allowed to come close to him, his family or the home he once claimed was his.

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