Judge Dismisses Class-Action Lawsuit Filed Against Valve After November 2011 Hack

The plaintiffs have failed to come up with sufficient arguments

In November 2011, the Valve Corporation, the company responsible for the world-renowned game distribution platform, suffered a data breach as a result of which hackers possibly gained access to user billing addresses, passwords, and credit card information.

The plaintiffs claimed that they lost money paid to Valve, information, and they were temporarily unable to access certain services because of the incident.

They also alleged that they might be forced to spend money in the future to protect their privacy.

However, according to Data Privacy Monitor, the judge didn’t agree. He highlighted the fact that only the possibility of future harm was insufficient.

Furthermore, he told them that for present damages they must precisely detail how they lost money, what data was lost and which services were interrupted.

The case was dismissed without prejudice, but the plaintiffs can file an appeal against the court’s decision.

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