Judge Asks for Global Peace Between Apple and Samsung, for the Sake of Consumers

Given how outraged Samsung is, this wish will probably fall on deaf ears

There is nothing enviable about Judge Lucy Koh's job at the moment, given that she has to oversee a global spat between two massive IT companies.

The second phase of the Apple-Samsung patent war has started, meaning that Apple will be trying to enforce its win and Samsung will try to reverse it.

Samsung went so far as to request that the whole thing be reset because of Velvin Hogan, the foreman of the jury that gave the first verdict.

Thus, as admirable as Judge Lucy Koh's wish is, it is unlikely that it will come true.

What she said is basically that the fight between these two companies is really hurting consumers, and that “global peace” between them would do much good.

Despite the US justice system saying Apple is fully in the right, the UK court has reached the opposite conclusion and has even ordered Apple to publicly apologize to Samsung. Apple was even ordered to change its first statement, which wasn't an apology at all.

Getting the two companies to drop their argument would, if nothing else, help end this awkwardness.

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