Jovan Belcher's Text to Second Girlfriend Reveals Threats to Kill Perkins

He threatened he would shoot Kasandra “if she didn't leave him alone”

A report released a day ago by ESPN sheds light onto Jovan Belcher's heinous crime, by revealing the existence of another woman and of a text spelling out his intentions.

As I reported at the time, the Kansas City linebacker shot his “official” girlfriend Kasandra Perkins, the mother of his 3-month-old child, then committed suicide at Arrowhead stadium.

Recent developments in the case, pointed out by the Kansas City Star, show there was a “secret second girlfriend” in his life, and he texted her 2 months before December 1.

He allegedly told her Kasandra “knew how to press his buttons and make him angry” and, in fact, that dreadful day, police actually found him sleeping in his car, in front of the mysterious other woman's home, a detail that has never been disclosed until now.

It's possible he was afraid Perkins would want to end their relationship, and take their daughter with her. If you agree, leave your response in the comments section.

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