Jovan Belcher Was Legally Drunk When He Shot His Girlfriend

The player's girlfriend, Kasandra Perkins, was shot 9 times, the autposy reveals

Autopsy reports for linebacker Jovan Belcher are released, and they reveal details about the player's levels of alcohol intoxication the day he took his own life.

Belcher shot himself after claiming the life of his 22-year-old girlfriend, and mother of their 3-month-old toddler, as previously reported.

On December 1, the day of the gruesome murder-suicide, Belcher's blood-alcohol levels registered at twice the legal driving limit, NY Daily News describes. That puts Belcher in a legally drunk state.

Test results showed his alcohol level was listed as .17, before 8 a.m., when the Kansas City Chiefs star pointed a gun to himself. No trace of illegal drugs was found in his system.

An autopsy was also performed on girlfriend Kasandra Perkins, showing she had been shot 9 times. Four of the times, she was hit while she was lying on the floor, the coroner assesses. Police had found a bullet lodged in the floor at the crime scene.

She was shot in her neck and chest, as well as her abdomen, hip and back, in the couple's home. One of her legs and one hand had also been wounded. Several internal organs, including one of her lungs, her liver, spleen and a kidney were pierced.

Police reports list a Beretta .40-millimeter handgun as the weapon used in the murder. Perkins also tested positive for alcohol in her blood, but it was only found in small quantities. She had returned from a club late that night, prompting her husband's jealous outburst.

As we pointed out at the time, Belcher himself had a second girlfriend, unbeknown to Perkins. The night of the murder, at 3 a.m., he was approached by police officers for sleeping in his car, outside Brittney Glass's building. They let him go with a warning.

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