Josh Brolin Arrested for Public Intoxication

Actor partied so hard on New Year’s he had to end the night in police custody

Josh Brolin is known for his on-screen charm and rugged looks but as it turns out, every once in a while, he too likes to let loose the party animal inside. The actor was arrested on New Year’s Day for public intoxication, it has emerged.

Though he rarely makes headlines for such Lindsay Lohan-esque stunts, Brolin is now causing a media frenzy with his drunken antics, which have landed him in jail for a few hours.

The photo attached to this article was snapped on the occasion: his mugshot when he was booked for public intoxication.

According to NBC Bay Area, the actor was stopped by police in Santa Monica and, upon determining that he was “unable to care for himself,” was taken to the police station where he was held until he sobered up.

“Actor Josh Brolin, who plays a police sergeant in the upcoming Hollywood movie, ‘Gangster Squad,’ was arrested Wednesday after police found him heavily intoxicated and unable to care for himself on a Santa Monica sidewalk, police said on Saturday,” NBC Bay Area informs.

“Brolin was contacted by police in the 1600 block of Ocean Avenue around 11:30 p.m. Tuesday, said Santa Monica Police Sgt. Richard Lewis. Brolin was held in custody on a misdemeanor public intoxication charged and released,” adds the same media outlet.

He spent about 4 hours in jail and was released without being charged. This would have happened only if Brolin had been a repeat offender or a “drain on public resources,” police have said.

“In this case, no further action is being sought,” a police spokesperson confirms for NBC.

Brolin will be seen next in the star-studded gangster movie “Gangster Squad,” but has already won over legions of fans – and critics as well – with performances like the one in “True Grit,” “W.” and even “Jonah Hex” and “Men in Black III.”

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