Joseph Gordon-Levitt Talks “Magic Mike” SNL Dance, Abraham Lincoln

Actor sits down with Jay Leno, promotes new “Lincoln” film

Fresh off the promo trail for “Looper,” Joseph-Gordon Levitt is back to work again, this time promoting “Lincoln” with Daniel Day-Lewis. Below are two segments from his recent interview with Jay Leno.

First things first, Joe talks to Jay about that SNL sketch he agreed to do the last time he hosted, which included one of the routines from Channing Tatum’s “Magic Mike” film.

More or less seriously, Joe says Channing actually congratulated him for the number.

On a more serious note, the actor also talks about “Lincoln” and how working with Daniel Day-Lewis on it was like considering that the latter went fully Method and not once broke character while the production was still shooting.

Even though Joe too found it a bit weird at first, he has only nice things to say about his co-star, of whom he is in awe for being such a professional.

Check out the videos and, useless to say, enjoy!

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