JooJoo Tablet Shows Up at FCC, Has ION and Atom

Based on Atom N270 and NVIDIA ION

There has been no more news, at least recently, on the legal battle between TechCrunch and Fusion Garage over the rights to the JooJoo tablet, formerly known as the Crunchpad. Still, while bureaucracy and attorneys shuffle papers and write statements, the device seems to be coming along steadily, having finally passed through the Federal Communications Commission. As end-users may know, most devices that are evaluated by the FCC end up detailed, at least partially, well ahead of their official introduction and this case is no exception.

Until recently, the most that anyone knew about the JooJoo, anyone outside Fusion Garage that is, was that it was an upcoming 12-inch device that would supposedly provide support for HD Flash at launch. This makes the tablet both larger and somewhat more appealing to consumers that like to play Flash-based games on the net when inevitably compared with the iPad. Now that the device has passed through the FCC, more details have been revealed, including the processor and the graphics chip.

No doubt that, with the popularity of the Pine Trail platform from Intel, consumers were expecting the Pineview to power this device as well. However, Fusion Garage settled, instead, for the previous-generation Intel Atom N270. This CPU is paired with a first-generation NVIDIA ION graphics processing unit, a combination that is not known for enabling the longest of battery lives or the best performance. Still, how long a battery life the JooJoo has is still a mystery.

Other details that the FCCV filing reveals are the 3G connectivity, which may or may not be included at launch, and the support for Windows, although the OS may have only been used for testing purposes. As for actual multimedia support, Engadget reports that, according to Fusion Garage, supported formats include AVI, MPEG-4, MOV, WMV and WMA, FLV (Flash Video), VOB, OGG, OGM and OGV, MKV (Mastroska), DiVX and XviD.

Whether the tablet will have a decent battery life to go with this feature set remains to be seen.

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