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A former Apple employee presented his new born the way Apple introduces their gadgets

Andreas Kleinke, a former Apple employee became famous today after launching a website for his new born. The baby boy named Jonathan has been introduced via a mini website that looks exactly like Apple ones. 
First of all, Jonathan is described as the brand new mini and pictured on a few iPad minis. His father explains how "the new Jonathan (Mid-2014) features a 20-inch seamless unibody enclosure made from a single, solid block of beauty. Ten meticulously aligned fingers deliver the perfect multi-touch experience. Plus, he comes fully equipped with not just one but two iSight cameras, each delivering images in stunning Retina resolution. Dual microphones on both sides catch every sound. And the centrally placed loudspeaker will simply blow you away, with maximum volume going all the way up to 120 dB."
The specs are presented just like Apple does with their most important details of the iPad. As expected, the baby has 10 fingers, 52 centimeters and 3.9 kilograms. Also, he had been in development for nine months until the big reveal on August 22. 
The baby has just a few built-in apps: iEat, iSleep and iPoop, but he will benefit of the frequent automatic updates and will install by himself new apps like iWalk and iTalk. 
The size and weight of the new Jonathan are as follows: 7.87 inches (200 mm) from left to right and 20.47 inches (520mm) from head to toes. His weight is 8.60 pounds (3900 grams). As for the operating system, all we know is that he doesn't run on Android. 
Jonathan comes in one color only: baby pink and works on carriers like Mom and Dad. Although there is one small problem: the parental sleep mode is disabled by default. The iBaby comes with 2 microphones, 2 iSight cameras for retina resolution images, MultiTouch system (10 tactile units) and a few sensors like 388 receptor neurons, gustatory and built-in accelerometer that is currently in beta. 
Jonathan came with Gibberish language pre-installed, but additional language packs are available by request. He is located in Munich, Germany, and you can go on his website to say "Hello". The iBaby may write back in a while if you put your email address in there, but that will probably take a few good years. 
Oh, and thankfully, we do not see the unboxing (diaper change).
Andreas Kleinke admits that this website was his creation, but it is inspired by Apple's creations. He also sends everyone to his Wishlist on Amazon where you can get him a gift like a teddy bear, bed light or a blanket. 
These types of website are somewhat common when it comes to technology or parodies, but this is probably the first time someone uses Apple as a model for a baby launch with such great success and humor. Now one can only hope that Samsung will not copy it...

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