Jonathan Rhys Meyers Is the Devil in New Trailer for “6 Souls”

Julianne Moore plays a psychiatrist in long-shelved horror

Years after it was completed, the horror “6 Souls” gets a new lease on life, with the Weinstein Co. finally releasing it in US theaters. Above is a trailer that should get you more interested in the long-shelved production.

It stars Julianne Moore as a psychiatrist and Jonathan Rhys Meyers as a mental patient who promises to be one of those “career cases.”

Moore’s character soon finds out that her patient suffers of multiple personality disorder, but the odd thing is that each of his personalities was actually once real – until they were all brutally murdered.

Religion and the supernatural also play a major part in the main story, as the trailer will confirm.

Out in certain markets since 2009 (under the name of “Shelter”), “6 Souls” arrives on Video On Demand on March 1 and in US theaters on April 5.

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