Jonathan Ive Takes Home 2008 MDA Personal Achievement Award

The designer of the iPhone is credited for the looks of the device, but also for its UI

The Mobile Data Association was pleased to announce yesterday the winners in its 2008 Awards ceremony. The MDA Personal Achievement Award was handed to Apple's Jonathan Ive for his work with the iPhone.

Jonathan Ive is the Senior Vice President of Industrial Design at Apple Inc. He is internationally renowned as the principal designer of not just the iPhone, but the iMac and the iPod as well. Critics regard Ive's work as being among the best in industrial design. His team's products have repeatedly won awards such as the Industrial Designers Society of America's Industrial Design Excellence Award. Two months ago, Apple took home two top D&AD awards thanks to its iPhone and the aluminum iMac.

This time around, Apple is lauded by the Mobile Data Association for the design of the iPhone, as a device, but also for its software:

"This year the MDA personal achievement award winner is Jonathan Ive for his design of the Apple IPhone and its user interface," the judges commented. "The physical design of the IPhone and its intuitive user interface has completely redefined the mobile phone as we know it. The IPhone is arguably the most talked about consumer-electronics device that has hit the market in the last 5 years. Ive has designed the best implementation of a touch UI, this with the Safari web browser has definitely pushed mobile content into the forefront of the consumer consciousness. It sets the bar very high for all present and future competitors and as such, is shaking the mobile phone industry. We look forward to seeing Ive's design innovation continuing to challenge the mobile world."

Other awards included:

Best Messaging Application - Dynmark International Ltd

Best Consumer Mobile Data Application - Mobyko

Best Corporate Mobile Data Application - Wapple

Best Network - T-Mobile

Best Mobile Internet Use - Bango

The MDA Green Award - Motorola

More information on the MDA Personal Achievement Award can be found here.

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