Jon Stewart Rips the NRA for Obama Ad

Such videos only do more harm than good to responsible gun owners, he says

Jon Stewart is continuing the discussion on gun control, a discussion that, he says, has gotten off to a terrible start thanks to the latest ad from the National Rifle Association (NRA), which was released the other day and took aim at President Obama and his kids.

Below are two segments from Stewart’s latest show on the topic.

In the first one, he talks about the Obama ad from the NRA, stressing that such videos ultimately do more harm than good to the cause of responsible gun owners.

“If I didn’t know any better, after seeing that ad, I would think that the NRA is either an elaborate avant-garde Joaquin Phoenix style joke or a false flag operation run by Michael Moore in an attempt to discredit gun owners,” he said.

As I also informed you yesterday, the NRA ad argues that Obama should not oppose the move to have armed guards in schools as long as his own kids get full protection from armed security in theirs.

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