Jon Gosselin Hit with $39,000 (€29,431) Tax Lien

Former reality star hasn’t paid his taxes since he split from ex-wife Kate Gosselin

Jon and Kate Gosselin were once one of the most powerful and popular couples in reality television but all went south for him when they divorced in 2009. Jon slipped off the grid after falling into disgrace and, according to a new report, also into debt.

The tax man is coming after the former reality star.

TMZ reports that Gosselin has not paid his dues since 2009, which amounts to a pretty penny, especially considering that he’s now working a regular job and no longer considers himself (or is considered by the public) a celebrity.

“Jon Gosselin became a free man in 2009 – problem is, he allegedly snubbed the IRS in the process and now, the schlubby reality dad's been hit with a $39K [€29,431] tax lien,” the celebrity publication writes.

“If you recall, 2009 was the year Jon and Kate went splitsville, scoring them both more publicity – i.e. paid interviews and appearances – than either could've imagined. But according to docs filed in Berks County, Pennsylvania, Jon still failed to dish out the necessary cash to Uncle Sam that year, resulting in the massive tax bill,” TMZ further says.

Back in 2010, after becoming the villain in the tabloid media because of his crazy antics, Gosselin went back to the job he had before TLC approached him and his family for what would become the hit show “Jon & Kate Plus 8,” that of an IT analyst.

Reports at the time said that he had finally realized his 15 minutes were up and would never come back again, and would focus only on leading a decent life and being with his 8 children, whose custody he shares with Kate.

Two years later, though, in April 2012, word got out that he was “broke and living with his mother.”

If that is true, chances are he’ll not be happy when the tax man comes to collect.

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