Jolla’s Smartphones to Arrive in Finland via DNA

Based on Sailfish, which was built around the MeeGo OS

Today, Jolla is set to unveil to the world its first smartphone running under the Sailfish-based operating system, and it seems that it has already secured a distribution deal for it.

Finnish wireless operator DNA has agreed to add the new device to its offering, thus helping Jolla give new life to MeeGo, the mobile OS that Nokia abandoned last year, when it moved to Windows Phone.

Jolla smartphones will be available in Finland via DNA Store and other DNA sales channels as soon as they are officially launched in the country.

The Jolla smartphones will run under Sailfish, a mobile platform based on the MeeGo OS.

“We target to have a network of partners around Sailfish during the coming year. We are partnering up with operators, for example, to benefit from their solid knowhow in retail and distribution,” Sami Pienimäki, vice president, Sales of Jolla Ltd, stated.

“As a forerunner brand in Finland, DNA is a great partner for Jolla. DNA also has a strong retail stores chain, which ensures the availability of the upcoming Jolla smartphone and other future devices.”

For the time being, no specific info on the deal between the two companies has been provided. However, chances are that Jolla will manage to secure more such deals, so as to ensure that its devices become visible to more people around the world.

“Our cooperation with Jolla is a part of the DNA partner strategy, aimed at providing the Finns with the most appealing equipment and services on the market,” Pekka Väisänen, vice president for DNA’s Consumer Business, said.

“Partnering up with Jolla is one example of our desire to be involved in innovations that interest the users,” he continues.

Specific info on the availability and pricing of the smartphone has not been provided at the moment, but will be unveiled in the near future.

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