Johnny Depp’s Rush to Get Married Is Giving Amber Heard Cold Feet

She’s “wondering if she’s making the right decision,” insiders reveal

Johnny Depp was with Vanessa Paradis for 13 years and he never wanted to get married, but now that he’s dating his “Rum Diary” co-star Amber Heard, he’s in a rush to tie the knot. The only problem is, according to insiders, that it’s making Amber uncertain about the whole idea.

She’s getting cold feet, sources tell the latest issue of Star magazine (story via CB). Just a few days ago, Johnny threw an engagement party for them at the Carondelet House in LA, which is said to have cost him somewhere in the vicinity of $20,000 (€14,512) and included guests like good friend Marilyn Manson and Steven Tyler.

This finally made their engagement official to all their friends and, at the same time, drove the message home to Amber: she’s about to get married soon. Admittedly, Johnny is quite in a hurry to tie the knot and already has their future together planned out (a big wedding and a child soon after it), and it’s giving Amber cold feet.

“When Johnny and Amber first started hooking up, it was very hot and heavy. Amber lives her life on the edge, and that’s how she felt her relationship with Johnny was — a scandalous secret affair. But he soon wanted something serious with her,” says a spy.

“She cares about Johnny, but she’s a free spirit who never envisioned herself marrying anyone. Still, she felt like she had to say yes when he proposed or she would lose him,” the insider adds.

As if that wasn’t enough to make her second-guess saying “Yes” to Johnny’s proposal, Amber is also having a hard time thinking that, once married, she would have to give up women for good. She’s still in contact with her ex-girlfriend, Tasya van Ree, with whom she broke up to be with Johnny, and she would not rule out getting back together with her further down the road.

However, if she marries Johnny, that would become impossible.

The “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor too is yet to burn his black book yet and, oddly enough, it’s said to infuriate Amber: she’s been insisting he fire his publicist Robin Baum because she’s convinced that the fling they once had is far from over.

“Amber is very insecure about the prospect of marriage, wondering if she’s making the right decision,” another tipster shares for the publication. “And as Johnny pressures her to set a date, those feelings are almost too much for her to handle.”

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