Johnny Depp Is Back with Amber Heard

Report says former co-stars have rekindled their romance

Earlier this year, countless reports claimed that Amber Heard had dumped her girlfriend to be with her “Rum Diary” co-star Johnny Depp. The two broke up this summer but are now back together, it has emerged.

Neither Johnny nor Amber ever acknowledged being a couple, let alone confirm rumors that their on-set affair was the reason his long-term relationship with Vanessa Paradis came to a sudden end.

However, the tabloids insist that they shared a very passionate and not quite so secret affair, which she is believed to have ended for various reasons – negative media attention being just one of them.

Whichever might have been the case, they are back on, PageSix claims.

“Co-stars and rumored lovers Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are still on. ‘The Rum Diary’ duo were spotted getting cozy at AV Nightclub in LA on Monday. Spies told us that Heard, who sported a short, brown hairstyle, and Depp sat on a patio that was blocked off just for them,” the e-zine writes.

As in the early stages of their romance, now too the two stars are trying to keep their relationship from the press, with little success, it would seem.

“The actors looked ‘flirty’ and ‘sat close, conversing the whole time’ for a few hours,” PageSix further says.

Over the summer, as word that Johnny and Amber were no longer an item was spreading online, various voices said that it was she who ended it because she could not bear to be painted a homewrecker in the media.

She knew that his relationship with Vanessa had been over long before she came in the picture, it was said, but she still resented reading about how she broke them up.

At the same time, she didn’t appreciate being labeled a cheater since she was in a relationship when she started going out with Johnny, with Tasya van Ree.

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