John Travolta Thinks He Should Replace Tom Cruise as the Face of Scientology Now

Because of the messy divorce from Katie Holmes, Tom should take a step back

Tom Cruise settled his divorce from Katie Holmes in the most amicable fashion ever (especially for a celebrity) but that didn't stop the insane speculation on Scientology and the part it must have played in it. Because of all this, John Travolta thinks he should replace Tom as the “face” of the Church.

To be clear, Scientology doesn't have an official “spokesperson” in the traditional sense of the word, but there's no denying that Tom is the highest profile member, partly because of his successful career as an action star and partly because of his close friendship with David Miscavige, the leader of the Church.

Travolta is super angry right now that Tom would still get “top billing” as a Scientologist, especially when it was his divorce that brought all this negative attention on the Church in recent weeks, a source close to the star says for the National Enquirer (story via CB).

They were never friends, despite acting in public as if they were, the report argues. In fact, Travolta resents Tom for giving up on his marriage so quickly because it sends the wrong message to the public.

He believes he's done the right thing by Scientology by fighting for his marriage to Kelly Preston and weathering countless scandals that have plagued them throughout the years, particularly because of his alleged (secret) orientation.

“John is at war with Tom – it’s a huge blowup. John believes that Tom looked very weak in his divorce from Katie. John insists that neither he nor his wife, Kelly Preston, would ever give up on their marriage so quickly,” an insider says for the tab.

“John has always managed to rebound from his scandals by whisking Kelly off on exotic vacations. He’s repaired the marriage and done so in a very public fashion,” adds the spy.

Tom, on the other hand, heard that Katie had filed for divorce and, in a record 10 days, had already negotiated with her the terms of the divorce, granting her full custody of their daughter Suri.

He should have put up more of a fight, John believes.

“John now thinks that Tom should be put on the back burner in Scientology, and that he should be the one in the spotlight,” says the spy.

Admittedly, John has been hating on Tom for being the “face” of Scientology for years. He believes now's his chance to push him aside and take his place.

“They’ve treated Tom like he’s a demigod. It’s been gnawing at him all these years. Now he feels it’s his turn to be on top,” the insider explains.

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