John McAfee to Build Gadget That Protects Users Against NSA Spying

The pocket-size device will be released in six months

Last week, John McAfee revealed that he was planning to start a new company that would make the Internet unhackable. Over the weekend, McAfee provided additional details regarding his plans at the C2SV Technology Conference.

According to Mercury News, McAfee wants to build a pocket-size gadget that will allow users to surf the web securely and privately, away from the prying “eyes” of the US government.

The device, dubbed D-Central, will allegedly prevent the US National Security Agency from knowing the user’s identity or their location.

D-Central will communicate with tablets, smartphones and other devices to create a decentralized network that will be impossible to hack by intelligence agencies. A D-Central prototype is expected to be released in six months.

McAfee says that if the US government decides to ban D-Central, he’ll simply sell it in England, Japan or third world countries.

As TechCrunch highlights, the idea is very similar to the project.

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