John McAfee to Be Released, Accuses Vice Magazine of Involvement in His Arrest

The publication's representatives have issued an official statement

The John McAfee story continues with more “drama.” According to a post published on his blog, the antivirus software pioneer will be released from detention after a Guatemalan judge has determined that his arrest was illegal.

Furthermore, his representatives believe that he will be allowed to return to the US as he wanted.

However, there’s another twist to the story. Now, McAfee believes that Vice Magazine – the publication that he allowed to document his life on the run – might have had some involvement in his arrest.

“Based on new information, Mr. McAfee is terminating his relationship with Vice Magazine,” one of his spokespersons said.

“Due to information just received, it is no longer clear to Mr. McAfee that the ‘accidental’ release of his co-ordinates due to Vice Magazine’s editorial department’s failure to remove location data from their now notorious photo, was indeed an accident. This incident led directly to Mr. McAfee’s arrest.”

McAfee claims that Vice might have wanted to ensure that they would gain exclusive access to his arrest.

On the other hand, the security guru doesn’t believe that the two Vice Magazine reporters travelling with him have had any involvement in this plan.

“Obviously, legal proceedings are under way,” the spokesperson concluded.

The chapter from the “John McAfee on the run” book which involves Vice Magazine is highly controversial. At first, they published the picture that included the details of his location.

Then, McAfee claimed that he had tampered with the picture’s metadata. Shortly after, he came forward to admit that the location information was correct, and that he was in Guatemala.

Vice Magazine has released an official statement on the John McAfee saga. They say that they will publish the documentary soon and, if necessary, they’ll issue a public apology.

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