John McAfee Rushed to Police Hospital, Suffers from High Stress

Initially it was believed that he had suffered a heart attack

The tale of John McAfee’s run from Belizean authorities has become even more dramatic than it has been so far. Shortly after being detained by Guatemalan authorities for illegally entering the country, the antivirus pioneer was rushed to a hospital.

Initial reports by Reuters revealed that he had suffered two mild heart attacks, but it later turned out that McAfee had suffered a breakdown because of high stress.

According to CNN, he was rushed to a police hospital where he received medical care.

The entire incident started after McAfee became a suspect in the murder of Gregory Faull, his neighbor from Belize.

Being convinced that Belize authorities would kill him if they caught him, he went into hiding and even launched his own investigation into the matter.

A couple of days ago, a photograph taken by Vice Magazine editors revealed that McAfee had passed the border to Guatemala. Initially, he denied it, but he later admitted that he was in fact in Guatemala, where he attempted to seek political asylum.

However, since he entered the country illegally, Guatemalan law enforcement arrested him. They even wanted to expel him back to Belize until he managed to convince a judge to issue a stay order.

McAfee contacted the US embassy in Guatemala, hoping he could get back to the States, but that didn’t work out for him.

In the meantime, he started blogging from his jail cell after one of the prison’s wardens gave him his computer.

Belize authorities claim that McAfee is not their prime suspect in the murder case, as it was initially believed. Instead, they say they just want to question him.

The antivirus guru offered to speak to them over the phone and he even called Belize’s prime minister to a meeting in a neutral country.

Interestingly, the blog on which McAfee keeps his supporters permanently up-to-date with his whereabouts and his plans is currently offline.

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