John McAfee Launches Blog, Offers Reward for Capture of Real Killer

He has even launched his own investigation into the murder case

John McAfee, the founder of the McAfee antivirus company, has gone into hiding after he became the number one suspect in the murder of his neighbor. To keep in touch with the world, he has launched a blog ( entitled “The Hinterland.” 

The blog was launched on November 17 and already a fairly large number of posts have been published.

McAfee reveals that since the sudden death of his neighbor, a number of people have been arrested by Belize authorities, despite the fact that some of them have had little connection to him.

Furthermore, he claims that he has launched his own investigation into the murder case, so he returned to his house wearing a disguise.

“I also needed to do my own investigation, since the police only seemed to be investigating my whereabouts. My safety is contingent on the truth being discovered,” McAfee wrote.

“I today announced on NBC Television that I am offering a $25,000 reward for the capture of the person or persons responsible for Mr. Faul’s murder,” he added.

He says he will continue to investigate the case since the police “have defaulted on this obligation.”

“I have offered a reward. If anyone has any information, please give it directly to me. I will publish it here on this blog first, and then provide it to the police. That way it cannot just conveniently disappear if it is evidence that the Government finds distasteful,” he explained.

In a post published a few hours ago, McAfee revealed that even if he got arrested, the reward offer would remain valid. He urged his supporters to continue to put pressure on authorities.

Apparently, the blog will continue even if he is captured, because he has pre-written material for at least one year.

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