John McAfee Introduces Girls Who Helped Him Gather Intel on Belize Government

The antivirus pioneer talks about the women that worked as his operatives

In his latest blog post, John McAfee briefly introduces the girls that helped him gather intelligence on the Belizean government.

As described in an earlier post, he purchased a number of 75 laptop computers, installed malware on them and gave them out as gifts to various Belizean officials.

Then, he hired “operatives” – 23 women and 6 men – to help him retrieve the information collected by the malicious software he had installed on the laptops. Some of the women were so committed to their work that they ended up living with McAfee.

“Many [of the girls] knew everything. Some were told nothing and simply given a free computer and sometimes a phone,” he wrote.

McAfee promises to provide more detailed information about each of the girls but, in the meantime, he reveals that 80% of the electronic network they had set up is still operable, despite the fact that the donated laptops have been “brought down.”

Now that the John McAfee saga appears to be drawing to an end – although we shouldn’t be surprised if something else turns up – reports say that Warner Bros will adapt the Wired article about John McAfee’s “last stand” and turn it into a movie.


John McAfee's team of operatives (3 Images)

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