John McAfee Hosts Press Conference from Guatemala – Video

The antivirus software pioneer wants to get back to the US

On December 9, John McAfee, who is currently detained by Guatemalan authorities after illegally entering the country, held a video press conference.

The press conference came shortly after six posts that contained proof on the corruption that plagued the Belizean government had been published on his blog.

In the first part, McAfee briefly explains his situation, once again highlighting the fact that he’s not responsible for any of the crimes authorities from Belize are accusing him of.

In the second video, he answers questions from the press.

McAfee’s latest plan is to return to the United States. He claims that he has been in touch with representatives of the US embassy, but so far, they haven’t been able to help him in any way because they cannot interfere with another country’s laws.

Here is the second press conference video published by McAfee:

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