John McAfee Expelled from Guatemala to the US

He claims that he's perfectly happy with the decision

John McAfee has been expelled by Guatemalan authorities to the United States. The antivirus pioneer has revealed for Bloomberg that he is “perfectly happy with the decision.”

Before being put on a flight to Miami, he recorded an apology for the president of Guatemala for putting him in a “very slippery position” as far as the country’s peace treaty negotiations with Belize were concerned.

McAfee has once again highlighted the fact that he has offered to talk to Belizean authorities on numerous occasions, but he claims that, in reality, they want to apprehend him.

In one of his latest blog posts, McAfee confirmed that he was on a plane to the US. Now, it remains to be seen whether Belize will still try to get to him.

John McAfee is wanted for questioning in relation to the murder of his neighbor from Belize. He insists that this is all part of a great conspiracy forged by authorities from Belize against him.

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