John Kerry Handed Nearly 2 Million Comments Opposing Keystone XL

The rally was called “Delivering Our National Interest Determination: No Keystone XL!”

Just in case Jared Leto's letter asking John Kerry to do everything in his power to convince President Barack Obama not to give the green light to the proposed Keystone XL pipeline was not enough, environmentalists have also delivered nearly two million public comments opposing this project to the US Secretary of State.

Inhabitat reports that these nearly 2 million public comments against the controversial pipeline were delivered to Secretary of State John Kerry this past March 7, as part of a rally dubbed “Delivering Our National Interest Determination: No Keystone XL!”

The comments were brought to the US State Department, and their delivery coincided with the end of the 30-day public comment period during which folks were given the chance to share their thoughts on the Keystone XL project.

The same source tells us that the environmentalists and activists who took part in this rally did not settle for only delivering the almost 2 million public comments to Secretary John Kerry, but also voiced their complaints about how the Keystone XL project was both dirty and dangerous.

“People all across the country are concerned about this pipeline because it’s going to pollute the water. Because it’s going set off catastrophic climate change. Because it’s a security risk,” Whit Jones with the Energy Action Coalition told the press.

“We’re all coming together today to decisively send the message to Secretary Kerry and President Obama that our country is united to stop this pipeline and we expect them to,” he further commented on yesterday's rally.

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