John Goodman Shows Off Incredible Weight Loss

Actor drops nearly half his body weight, looks healthier than ever

His fluctuating weight has been subject to much negative media throughout the years, even grabbing him some headlines like a la Elvis Presley and his daughter Lisa Marie, which said he was “eating himself to death.” The other night, at a special gala, the AFI Tribute to Mike Nichols, John Goodman showed off his incredible weight loss, as the Daily Mail can confirm.

The actor, known not only for his long term struggle with obesity but also for his smoking habit (aside, of course, from his talent and accomplishments as an actor), has often been a target of vicious attacks for the message he was sending to his fans. Exactly when he decided that it was time for a change and started losing the many extra pounds is not yet known, as neither is the diet he undertook to get this thin.

What is certain though is that Goodman is looking better and healthier than he has in many years, as the Mail also points out. “He’s made his name as an overweight, larger-than-life character throughout his Hollywood career. But the pounds have been falling off portly actor John Goodman as he showed off a slimmer physique at an awards ceremony in Los Angeles last night. The 57-year-old, who was rumored to weigh 28 stone 18 months ago, looked almost half the man he was just under a year ago as he attended the AFI Life Achievement Award party,” the British tab writes.

“The actor, who shot to fame in the Nineties as Roseanne Barr’s long-suffering husband Dan Conner on the sitcom Roseanne, looked happy and healthy as he posed on the red carpet. And the weight loss was all too obvious, his tuxedo fitting him perfectly, with not a bulge in sight. The event, held at the Sony Pictures Studios in Culver City, was in honor of director Mike Nichols,” the publication further writes.

Moreover, it’s not only the Daily Mail that’s praising the actor for his accomplishment in terms of opting for a healthier lifestyle. In fact, several media outlets and even celebrity blogs are commending him for getting in such great shape, which also means the hunt is on to find out his secret in the battle against the pounds. Keep an eye on this space for when the cat is out of the bag.

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