Jodi Arias to Argue Against Death Penalty in Court Hearing [AP]

A new jury might be formed as the penalty set by the original jury was rendered invalid

Jodi Arias will be attending another court hearing today as her fate will be under debate. She returns to argue for her life as the death penalty is a distinct possibility since she has been found guilty of murder.

As I wrote, she was convicted of brutally stabbing and shooting her once boyfriend Travis Alexander after changing her account of the incident on several occasions and mentioning that he was abusive.

According to the AP, the jury had come to a decision about whether to apply the death penalty or not after the May 8 “guilty” ruling.

However, a judge dubbed the penalty-setting phase of the trial invalid and the prosecution can ask for the death sentence again, if a new jury is set in place.

[Update, July 17 2013]: A previous version of this article mentioned that the victim was named Jason instead of Travis Alexander. Thanks to my readers for helping correct the error.

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