Jodi Arias: Lies, Conflicting Evidence Revealed in Lover's Murder Trial

The prosecutor attacks Martinez's credibility, she stands her ground

As the Jodi Arias trial continues, prosecutor Juan Martinez aims to point out inconsistencies and lies in the defendant's testimony.

While Arias is calmly defending herself during the cross-examination, Martinez is proving very aggressive in his line of questioning.

According to a report by ABC News, expert witness and forensic psychiatrist Steven Pitt explains that the tactic is meant to show the jury the two sides of the suspect.

“Where I think the problem for her comes is she tried to paint herself as this innocent little waif in direct examination, and now the jury is seeing... when she has to dig in and fight she is more than capable of standing her ground,” Pitt describes.

She is accused of first-degree murder in the case of her one-year boyfriend Travis Alexander. In June 2008, he was stabbed 27 times, his throat was slit and he was shot in the head. His lifeless body was found in the shower in his home in Mesa, Arizona.

As we mentioned before, Arias has admitted to killing her boyfriend in self-defense, citing repeated incidents of abuse. In the past, she had denied killing her lover, lying to the police about intruders taking his life.

Martinez insists that the abuse cannot be proven, telling the jury how Arias has changed her description of Alexander many times, at times painting him as kind and loving, while other times making it seem like he was violent.

One of the incidents the prosecutor refers to allegedly occurred in 2008, ABC writes. Arias claims Alexander hit her while they were in the car, in 2008. He supposedly hit her in the neck and chocked her. However, entries in her diary that day do not reflect the story.

“This entry does not corroborate what you told us happened in the car. With regard to the (choking incident) you didn't call police. You didn't tell anyone about it. There is no corroboration anywhere in your journal.

“All we have is your word. Are there photos? Any other writings? Is there a police report? Is there a medical report?,” Martinez asked.

We will keep you updated as this story progresses.

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