Jodi Arias Found Guilty, Says She’d Rather Get the Death Penalty – Video

Controversial, highly mediated trial comes to an end as jury finds Arias guilty

The trial that has fascinated and intrigued millions from all over the world for months has come to an end: Jodi Arias has been found guilty of first-degree murder, as the video below, courtesy of USA Today, confirms.

In 2008, Arias killed her boyfriend in his own home in Arizona, at first denying any involvement in the gruesome murder and then citing self-defense.

Her story changed almost weekly, either painting the victim as a loving and kind man, or as some abusive monster who wouldn’t waste a chance of hurting her.

As the verdict was being read, Arias fought back tears but she seemed to have regained her composure by the time she spoke with USA Today.

She said on camera she’d rather get the death penalty than life in jail because, as she sees it, “death is the ultimate freedom” and she wants to have it.

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