Jodi Arias Eligible for Death Penalty, Jury Ruling Out [AP]

She might still be getting life in prison, a sentence has not been set

Jodi Arias might be getting the death penalty after a trial that has captivated the public due to its gruesome details and shocking twists.

As reported, Arias has been found guilty for murder in the death of her boyfriend Travis Alexander.

Arias stabbed and shot him several times and she has claimed self-defense, motivating the crime by trying to convince the jury of Alexander being abusive.

Prosecutor Juan Martinez once again described how he died in June 2008, and jurors ruled Arias eligible for the death penalty.

The trial is not over yet and she might still be sentenced to life in prison. The AP describes that she was sobbing in court as the jury dished out their decision.

Check back, I will keep you updated as more information on the case comes up.

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