Jobs Talks About The Future Of Podcasts

In an interview for ABC News

The news that iTunes 4.9 will support podcasts seems to be the week's hottest subject. Seeing that there are already around 3,000 podcasts available for download, and one of them is from ABC News, one of the network's editors has interviewed Steve Jobs and published the result in podcast format.

Since rumors saying that podcasts might be available only by subscription on the future had already emerged, one of the most important things Steve Jobs said during his interview was that he sees no reason for podcasting to be anything else but a free phenomenon.

However, even if you'll probably never have to pay for listening to your favorite podcast, this form of content distribution is likely to include commercials quite soon.

Nevertheless, Steve Jobs has re-affirmed his strong position against pornographic or copyright-infringing podcasts. Actually, these are the only two restrictions, any kind of content being otherwise allowed.

In the end of his interview, Steve Jobs has been asked whether he intends to launch a video iPod as well, but Apple's CEO has avoided giving a straight answer.

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