Jimmy Kimmel Pulls Hilarious Judge Judy Prank – Video

People tend to have an opinion even when they don’t have one, Kimmel laughs

If you’re a Jimmy Kimmel fan, you must know (and like) his Lie Witness News segment, in which he has a reporter go out in the street and get people who don’t have an opinion to express one as if they actually know what they’re talking about.

Following a Reader’s Digest poll naming Judge Judy among one of the most trustworthy celebrities in America, Kimmel set out to find out what people thought of her being appointed by President Obama at the Supreme Court.

Clearly that never happened but this isn’t stopping people from expressing an opinion about it.

My favorite part is where that guy says that Judge Judy is “gangsta” so “that’s a plus.”

Check out the video above and duly enjoy, but do keep in mind that the whole “prank” could be scripted and, as such, fake.

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