Jimmy Kimmel Presents Valentine’s Day Challenge: Snakes, Rats, Worms and Kidney Stones

Here are some of the funniest pranks men played on their significant others

As he does on every major holiday, Jimmy Kimmel did not forget to launch a Valentine’s Day Challenge as well. The result is a funny collection of pranks, each more twisted than the other but with no hard feelings on the ladies’ part, I hope.

Check it out above.

Fans must know of Kimmel’s incredibly popular Halloween challenge, in which he urges parents to videotape their kids as they’re telling them that they ate all their candy.

This is similar, only that, this time, he asked the gents to prank their lady loves on Valentine’s Day so, instead of getting candy or presents as they expected, they got a wide array of “surprises,” from kidney stones, to bugs, snakes, mice and fake fingers.

Oh, and Matt Damon totally ruined V Day for one couple.

Check it out and, of course, enjoy!

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