Jimmy Kimmel Pranks People About Obama Inauguration – Video

Pedestrians on Hollywood Blvd. have a very vivid imagination

President Barack Obama was sworn in for his second term yesterday at the White House, and will be publicly sworn in again today, in a public ceremony. However, several Hollywood residents knew all about the ceremony days beforehand.

Check out the video above to see what prank Jimmy Kimmel pulled on people on Hollywood Boulevard, several days before the Inauguration – you just can’t say these people don’t have a very vivid imagination.

Except for that one lady at the end who cracked me up, all the other unwilling participants in the prank offer plenty of details about the Inauguration, not even thinking of admitting to the truth: namely, that they had no idea when the ceremony would take place.

Either way, if they had, then we wouldn’t have known now what they’re willing to believe: that Mrs. Obama would throw teddy bears into the crowd, that Joe Biden would cry like a girl, that Nicki Minaj would sing for the President or that a giant cake would be on hand to mark the occasion.


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