Jimmy Fallon Rips into Justin Bieber in The Tonight Show Opening Monolog – Video

“Hey girls, girls, stop!” Fallon says of the near-fight between Justin and Orlando Bloom

Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom got into a fight over who slept with whom (Justin with Miranda Kerr, Orlando with Selena Gomez) and it was only to be expected for this to become source material for late night comedians. Jimmy Fallon is here to comply.

In the opening monolog for his Tonight Show, Fallon took a swing at Justin, but unlike in Orlando’s case, he didn’t miss.

“Orlando Bloom apparently threw a punch at Justin Bieber last night during an argument at a nightclub,” Fallon said, as the video below can confirm. “Orlando’s hand was pretty sore today… You know, from all the high fives he got.”

That’s Fallon saying what most of commenters online believe anyway: Justin Bieber deserved to be put in his place because he insists on acting like he’s better than anyone else and it’s become very annoying.

Orlando’s punch was a miss, because Justin ducked and his bodyguard got in the way. Or, as Fallon puts it, someone cut in and made them stop, yelling, “Hey, girls, girls!”

It is believed that the near-fight started because Justin thought it would be smart if he told Orlando that his ex-wife “was good” in bed at the time he slept with her, when she was still married to him. The actor clearly didn’t appreciate it.

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