Jim Carrey's Daughter Got Special Treatment on American Idol

Reports claim Jane Carrey was treated differently because of her famous father

The San Diego auditions for American Idol also included a contestant like no other before: Jim Carrey's daughter, Jane, who got a Golden Ticket for Hollywood. Reports online claim she was given preferential treatment by producers.

As we also informed you the other day, Jane managed to impress the three judges, Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler, though they all agreed there was definitely more room for improvement.

Either way, they gave her the Golden Ticket, but not after viewers were led to believe that Jane had showed up at the audition as a regular contestant.

That was never the case, sources close to the AI production says for the US media, AceShowbiz reports.

In fact, Jane was given the VIP treatment by the show's producers because of her famous father – and it wasn't fair for the other contestants.

“The daughter of Jim Carrey was given a special treatment and did not have to go through the same process as other contestants who had to line up and wait outside to audition,” AceShowbiz writes.

Unnamed sources claim that Jane had an “appointment” to see the judges, which is unheard of if you're a regular contestant.

"She didn't have to sleep outside and wait for hours hoping to audition like everyone else. Her audition was pre-arranged with the producers. She did not wait and line up for hours or days outside - she had a time, she showed up and went in,” says one such spy.

Of course, Jane got this preferential treatment because her last name happens to be Carrey.

“American Idol always says they don't give everyone favors, but this time they did for Jane,” the insider explains.

The source can't say for sure whether the three judges were also in the loop about the “appointment” with Carrey's daughter, but producers certainly were.

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