Jilted Husband Sues Bride for Keeping Ring, Wedding Gifts

Kevin Li of Brooklyn is asking for restitution of $72,000 (€55,450)

A boyfriend dumped by his “bride” after an informal wedding ceremony has sued the woman who was supposed to be his life companion for keeping all the wedding gifts.

According to the New York Post, Kevin Li of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn was left by Amy Chan a few days after the “wedding.”

The pair met one year earlier and decided to wed when Chan became pregnant.

They didn't want to get a wedding license, as she was on a waiting list for an apartment and their income, put together, wouldn't have allowed her to qualify for the Financial District.

They had an informal ceremony, which did include an outing attended by some 100 people. After the celebration, Chan allegedly left to stay at her parents’ house for a short while and never came back.

Li has now taken his case to the Manhattan Supreme Court and is demanding restitution of a $24,000 (€18,485) diamond engagement ring as well as gifts, cash and checks.

He claims that Chan has made off with $72,000 (€55,450) in cash and valuables.

Other assets that she has taken without his consent are “two diamond necklaces, three gold necklaces, a gold ring and a gold bracelet that generous relatives showered on the happy couple.”

Li has also had to pay a $36,500 (€28,100) “betrothal” fee to Chan's parents, which has not been refunded as of yet.

“He’s lying. [...] He is a devil,” the runaway bride argues, adding that he is also a “deadbeat.”

“What I got myself into was a disaster relationship. [...] He took everything [from] my relatives. They gave me tons of money, that [he] took. If he won’t give that back, I’m not giving him back anything. He’s not a human being,” Chan adds.

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