Jets Collide in Miami, Passengers Miraculously Escape Unscathed

The accident involved two commercial jets carrying 240 and 350 passengers, respectively

This past Thursday night, the Miami International Airport witnessed the collision of two commercial jets.

Despite the fact that each aircraft sustained considerable damage, information made available to the public thus far says that all the passengers aboard each of these flights managed to escape unscathed.

The two aircraft involved in this incident were an Aerolines Argentinas Airbus, which was transporting a total of 240 passengers, and an Air France 777-300 plane, which was carrying 350 passengers.

The Aerolines Argentinas Airbus was coming from Argentina, whereas the Air France 777-300 plane was headed towards Paris.

Apparently, the commercial jet responsible for the collision was the Aerolines Argentinas Airbus, which for one reason or another ended up smashing into the Air France 777-300.

“The plane shook up a bit but the hit wasn't strong enough to make it lose stability, a student named Aina Taberner recollects.

Daily Mail reports that, following this incident, one plane was left with it wingtip battered, whereas the other witnessed structural damage to its tail section.

As was to be expected, emergency response teams arrived at the scene of the incident as soon as possible. Fortunately, none of the passengers aboard these two jets required urgent medical attention.

Given the fact that it took several hours before the people aboard the Air France 777-300 plane were given the opportunity to both get off the damaged aircraft and reschedule their flights, tensions begin to rose.

Thus, several witnesses maintain that fights broke out between the passengers themselves and between passengers and airport employees.

“The first altercation I saw was a group of guys that got fed up with people cutting in front of them. The second altercation I saw was when people from business class started to cut the economy line and a lady and a guy got into an argument,” Hungarian professional basketball player Alex Legion told members of the press.

It is to be expect that a thorough investigation into this incident will soon follow.

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