Jesus Portrait Taken Down After School Is Sued for Promoting Religion

The Jackson, Ohio school isn't risking having to pay litigation expenses

Promoting religion in a school environment by hanging up a depiction of Jesus Christ has landed a Jackson school in court.

The Ohio facility has been asked by a group called the Freedom from Religion Foundation, backed by the American Civil Liberties Union to take down the painting from its spot in the main hallway at the Jackson middle school, seeing as though not every student studying there is Christian.

According to WSAZ, the school simply moved it to the high-school section, citing that it was a donation from its student organization, the Hi-Y Club, who put it there 65 years ago.

The suit continued and the school has now taken down the portrait, faced with having to pay litigation costs in the event of a loss in court.

Jackson Schools Superintendent Phil Howard explains that this was a financial decision and that they are not interested in gambling with taxpayers' money, which they can use for educational purposes.

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