Jesus Lookalike Kicked Out of Darts Tournament by Chanting Fans – Video

Security had to escort Nathan Grindal out because heckling was disturbing

Nathan Grindal has something of a hippy about himself, with his long hair and long beard. To darts fans at a recent darts tournament, he looked too much like Jesus not to start chanting.

“Jesus” had to be escorted out of the venue by security for his own protection and to prevent further interruptions to the game. Video of the incident is above.

It all went down at the Cash Converters Players’ Championship final, at a Butlins holiday. The game was between Phil “The Power” Taylor and Kim Huybrechts.

The moment fans in the venue spotted Mr. Grindal, they started chanting “Jesus.” In almost no time, almost all of the 2,000+ people were doing the same, thus disrupting the game.

Producers had no other choice but to escort him out with six security guards, thus hoping to have the game go on uninterrupted.

Reports online say “Jesus” was on the verge of tears as he was being escorted out. Who wouldn’t be, in his situation?

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