Jessica Simpson’s Weight Balloons Again

Earlier this year, Jessica Simpson had hired celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson and started working out and a diet in order to lose weight in time for her wedding. Her weight has ballooned again, it has emerged.

Simpson who, in recent months, has been looking curvier than she did in her early 20s (which is normal, she’s said on countless occasions), was dead serious about losing weight for the wedding.

She started working out regularly and cut the junk food she loves so much from her menu – and the result was immediately visible: she dropped 20 pounds.

Of those 20 pounds, she’s already put 10 back, the latest print issue of Star magazine claims (story via here). Jessica is understandably desperate, because she no longer knows what to do to avoid weight gain.

According to a spy, Jessica and fiancé Eric Johnson are to tie the knot this November and she’s already making plans and, most importantly, designing her own gown for the big day.

While everything else seems to be going according to plan, there’s one thing Jessica simply can do, and that’s keep the weight off.

“Jess is freaking out over her figure. She dropped 20 lbs this spring but gained 10 back,” the spy says for Star.

Knowing the kind of effort she put in to achieve this, only to see it go down the drain again, makes Simpson see red.

“Since the beginning of June, she’s been working out two hours a day, six days a week. She’s constantly in a bad mood, nearly starving on a 1,500-calorie-a-day diet, and even admits she’s absolutely miserable instead of filled with happiness and excitement,” the insider further reveals.

This isn’t how Jessica imagined she’d be spending the days before the wedding. What’s worse is that she’s not seeing any results, the source explains.

“Poor Jessica, she should be basking in the glow of pre-wedding joy. Instead, she’s stressed to the max,” the spy continues.

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