Jessica Simpson Is the Most Successful Celebrity Fashion Designer Ever

Celebrities often allow their name and face to be attached to anything from a new clothing line to a perfume or a service. Still, none so far has had the same success as Jessica Simpson who, through her fashion lines and various other endeavors, has become a rich woman.

So, as critics are mocking her for her failed attempt at launching a career as a country star, Jessica is laughing all the way to the bank, being the industry’s top earner from all the other celebrities to have their own collections out, PopEater reports.

A new piece in Women’s Wear Daily reports that Jessica Simpson lines, including fashion, jeans, footwear, swimsuits, accessories and bags, perfumes, have made of her a rich woman.

Even better, says the report, things are only about to get better in the next couple of years, as Jess’ appeal to the public is increasing. It’s her relatability that makes her so loved, which, in turn, makes her products so popular.

“The Jessica Simpson Collection, it turns out, has become one of the most successful celebrity fashion lines of all time, says WWD. It will most likely become the first ever to earn more than a billion dollars in retail sales considering her line brought in a whopping $750,000,000 in retail sales this year alone, WWD reports,” PopEater says.

“Simpson’s estimated net worth from all the shoes, clothes and accessories she’s selling? A cool $100 million. Not bad for the gal who famously wondered if tuna was chicken on her hit MTV series, ‘Newlyweds,’ with ex-hubby, Nick Lachey,” the same report notes.

“She is the girl next door and has great product that surrounds her. People like her. People look at her as a style icon,” Vince Camuto, the founder and CEO of Camuto Group, says for WWD, as cited by PopEater.

As such, they want to dress like her, which literally makes her products fly off the shelves. Her jeans and sportswear collections alone are believed to generate $150-$200 million over the next 2 years.

“[She is] very communicative to her fans. Fifteen-, 16-year-olds and 40-year-olds like her. Sometimes she has missteps, and they identify with her,” Jack Gross, CEO of Jeanswear for The Jones Group, also working with Simpson, mentions for the same publication.

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