‘Jersey Shore’ Is Scripted, Fake

Despite being constantly showered with criticism, MTV’s “Jersey Shore” continues to get record ratings, the biggest for the network in the past 8 years. However, it could be scripted, it has emerged.

It’s common knowledge that reality television is not exactly “real,” which became obvious years ago, when Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie were still shooting for “The Simple Life,” which required more takes for a single scene.

More recently, MTV’s “The Hills” also came under allegations that it was scripted, a thing to which all cast members eventually confirmed – and even MTV did so, though more subtly.

Until just now, nothing was heard as to whether “Jersey Shore” might also be staged. Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton even has proof of it, he says.

One reader send him pictures from the set of “Jersey Shore,” showing the members of the cast as they’re getting their hair and makeup done by professionals.

In other words, they’re not doing it themselves, which opens the door for a long series of questions as to how much of what we see on our television sets is actually real.

“When that New Jersey judge called into question Snooki’s dignity and saying that she sold it for a paycheck, we wanted to talk some sense into that fool!” Perez writes in his usual loud manner.

“How dare he imply that Snooki Snicker’s wild antics are just the product of a script laid out by MTV execs to ensure that people actually stay tuned in for a three season! Erroneous charges, we said! Erroneous!” the blogger rages on.

Sadly, confirmation that that may be true came right from one of his readers, who even provided him with photos.

“A Perezcilious reader sent us these shots of the cast filming in Seaside over the summer. As you can see, everyone is being primped and perfected by the show’s stylist – no one is getting their guido on alone,” the blogger writes.

What’s even worse – for Perez at least – is the realization that Snooki doesn’t do her trademark hair on her own, but needs someone to poof her poof, as he puts it.

“It seems that the Shore has quickly turned into The Hills. We anticipate that the final scene will have The Situation getting into the back of an Ed Hardy deco-limo as Snooki watches him drive away from in front of Karma,” Perez further writes.

“After a beat, two stagehands will remove the backdrop of Seaside Heights and reveal that they’ve actually been filming in Newark all this time, in a swamp, which is the actual reason for there ‘tanning’ discoloration, the blogger further says, imaging how “Jersey Shore” might end if it were to stick to “The Hills” recipe.

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