Jersey Shore Cast Pulls Another Fast One on MTV, Asks for Even More Money

They’ve done it before and they’re certainly not afraid to do it now, when interest in their reality show continues to soar: members of the main cast of “Jersey Shore” are again putting the squeeze on MTV to get more money for a new season, it has emerged.

Because ratings for the show continue to improve, just as criticism of it is getting harsher with each episode, the guidos and guidettes appearing on it are asking more money for every season they sign on.

The upcoming one is no exception, even though the cast is still in Italy, where it’s shooting for the current season, TMZ reports.

In other words, though they pulled a similar move only months ago, members of the cast made sure they only signed one-season contracts, which allows them to come back and ask for even more money to do season 5.

“The ‘Jersey Shore’ cast has put the screws to MTV for a FIFTH TIME – negotiating new contracts for an upcoming season back in New Jersey... and we’re told, they locked down their biggest salaries yet,” TMZ informs.

“Plans are already in motion for a fifth season back in Seaside Heights – but sources connected with the ‘Jersey’ cast tell TMZ Pauly D, Snooki, The Situation and the rest of the gang refused to take part without signing new contracts first,” the e-zine argues.

For some reason, MTV was actually hoping it could get the entire cast to do another season under the terms of the last contract they signed – but they wouldn’t even hear of it, not with the kind of interest their stay in Italy has generated from all sides.

As such, MTV had no choice but to offer the stars of the show more money under a new agreement.

“We’re told the majority of the cast has already re-signed for a bump in salary – not a HUGE raise, but still significant – and the rest will sign this week,” TMZ reports.

“The cast is scheduled to fly back from Italy on the 23rd – and start shooting the new season in Jersey on the 26th,” says the same e-zine.

Reps for the reality stars and MTV would not comment on the rumored new contracts.

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