Jeremy Renner Sings like a Rock Star on SNL – Video

Opening monolog includes plenty of music, hotness overload

Jeremy Renner recently made his debut on NBC’s Saturday Night Live. His opening monolog was one of the best ever, and that’s only because he has quite an amazing voice and, just as importantly, he’s not afraid to poke some fun at himself.

Who knew? Action star, solid drama actor, handsome man, well-spoken and with excellent manners, Jeremy Renner can also do comedy very well, as proved by his first SNL hosting gig.


Check out the video below to hear him sing some of the tracks he “composed” to be featured on his movies “The Avengers,” “The Bourne Legacy” and “The Town,” all three major hits with the critics and the general public.

Neither was picked because, obviously, someone was jealous of Jeremy’s talent and didn’t want the world to experience it as well.


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