Jeremy Renner Expecting First Baby with Ex Girlfriend

Fans react to reports that fiercely private actor is about to become a daddy

Jeremy Renner has always struggled to keep all the details of his personal life off the pages of the tabloids but, this time, the cat’s really out of the bag: insiders tell Us Weekly that he’s about to become a first-time dad.

For as long as he’s been working in the industry, Renner has been plagued by gay rumors, which he can’t seem to shake off no matter what he says or how hard he tries to ignore them.

Now that word got out that he’s fathered a child, they have picked up even more speed.

“Jeremy Renner shared some big news with Eva Longoria on the smoking patio at the Golden Globes Jan. 13: He's going to be a father! The Bourne Legacy actor, 42, ‘was saying, “I'm going to fly in when her water breaks”,’ two witnesses tell Us Weekly,” the celebrity publication writes.

“Then Eva said, ‘I'm so blown away.’ Shocking, but true. Multiple sources confirm to Us that an ex-girlfriend of the actor is due to give birth next month,” Us further says.

According to the same report, the two dated for a short while but the relationship never went beyond casual.

They broke up even though she’d gotten pregnant, but they remain on good terms because “the expectant mom is currently living in Renner's LA home,” Us Weekly claims.

Even though the rumor has already spread like wildfire online, getting fans excited at the thought that their favorite actor is about to become a dad, he is yet to break the silence and deny or confirm it.

Considering that, even though people have been saying he’s gay for years, he only addressed the issue once (to deny it), chances are Renner won’t speak out on this rumor either – even if it’s true and he is indeed about to become a dad.

However, should he do so, rest assured you’ll find out about it here.

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