Jenny McCarthy Shows Off Ripped Abs, Reveals Diet Tips

Glamour girl is getting ready for a new show, talks staying in fantastic shape

She was once the hottest woman in showbiz – and Jenny McCarthy has somehow managed to maintain her bombshell status now that she’s 40 as well. In the latest issue of Shape magazine, she reveals some of the tricks she’s using to stay in such fantastic shape.

The former glamour girl and television personality (not to mention high profile Playboy Bunny) is featured on the cover of the fitness mag rocking some incredibly ripped abs – and that unmistakable mega-watt smile.

Inside the pages of the mag, Jenny talks about her easiest (but still healthy) trick of losing weight quickly, while also revealing some of her favorite exercises meant to work her problem areas, tummy, buttocks and thighs.

For instance, the stunning blonde says, if she needs to drop 5 pounds (2.26 kg), she turns to what she likes to call her “soup diet.”

“That’s the best health change I’ve ever made. I lost a few pounds and have much more energy. My new favorite thing is my soup diet,” she tells Shape, as cited by OK! Magazine.

“I make a ton of nutritious ones, like butternut squash and vegetable. When I want to drop 5 pounds quickly, I eat them for every meal for about 10 days,” Jenny explains.

However, she too has her days when she feels like cheating: these are the days she usually goes for take-out, Chinese food or pizza.

“Chinese food and pizza! There's this place in Chicago called Giordano's which has the best deep-dish pizza in the world. It's my therapist, my best friend, and my boyfriend on Friday nights,” Jenny says.

McCarthy also works out with personal trainer Mark Harari, whom she meets three times a week. She’s trying to cut down on cigarettes and coffee to lead as healthier a life as possible, she reveals for the same publication.

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